China Seismological Reference Model (CSRM)

Jul 032023

The China Seismological Reference Model Product Center has released a high-resolution 3D seismological model of the top 10 km of the crust in continental China, including shear wave velocity and sediment thickness. The model has a spatial resolution of 0.3 degree * 0.3 degree in the north-south seismic belt and the trans-north China orogen, and 0.5 degree * 0.5 degree in the rest of continental China (except the Tarim basin and southwest Tibet with no station coverage).  Please click on the link to download the model.

The seismological constraints for the construction of the model were extracted from the original (Level 1) data of 3,848 seismic stations in continental China between 1990 and 2017. The extracted seismological observations (Level 2 data) include 1) 5,439,702 P-wave polarization angles measured from the P-wave waveforms of 9,361 tele-seismic events, 2) short-period (4 – 8 s) Rayleigh wave ellipticity extracted from continuous ambient noise waveforms, and 3) single-station stacked receiver functions calculated from 2,125,021 receiver functions extracted from 9,361 tele-seismic events. The above Level 2 datasets have been released simultaneously, please click the link to download the datasets.

Website of the Product Center:

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