China Seismological Reference Model (CSRM)

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The data searching and downloading of this system are transmitted through unencrypted FTP.

As shown below, when you have set the search criteria, click the Submit search button.  The search results give the full FTP download link and folder ID for each item:  

You need to use the FTP tool to search and download the data. We introduce the use for Windows and Linux systems.

  • Windows

We advise using the FTP tool of WinSCP. Install the software and open it, the Login window is displayed.

Select FTP for “File protocal“, “No Encryption” for “Encryption“, “” for “Host Name“, “21” for Port Number, Username and Password are provided by us.

Click the ID button in the search result and copy the ID to the clipboard. the FORMAT of ID is CENC/20160103230522. Then double-click the WinSCP address bar to copy the ID to the end of the slash/in “Open Directory”.  Click OK.  

Then you can download the data files to your computer in bulk.  You can click any data files, then press “CTRL + A” to select all files, and then drag these files to the left window with the mouse for batch download.

  • Linux

In Linux, you are advised to use LFTP. You can search for the installation in the software repository. 

Click the “Link” button in the search results to copy the full FTP link.  Then enter the command in the following format on the terminal:

lftp -u username,password -e 'mget * -O directory' ftpLink

If the username is ustc and the password is 123, and you want to download the FTP link to the /home/ustc/data directory on your computer, enter:  

lftp -u ustc,123 -e 'mget * -O /home/ustc/data'
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