China Seismological Reference Model (CSRM)

3-D Mantle Models


We appreciate Hongyi Li, Juan Li, Xuemei Zhang, Xiaofeng Liang, Fengxue Zhang and Yan Lü for the sharing of mantle velocity models beneath China listed in this page.

 Model NameDescriptionResolutionDownload LinkContributor
1China_Vs_1.0Crustal and uppermost mantle shear-wave structure of China0.5°×0.5°Download ReferenceHongyi Li
2Tibet_VsCrustal and uppermost mantle shear-wave structure of the Tibetan Plateau1.0°×1.0°Download ReferenceHongyi Li
3NEChina_VsCrustal and uppermost mantle shear-wave structure of the Northeastern China1.0°×1.0°Download ReferenceHongyi Li
4SChina_VsCrustal and uppermost mantle shear-wave structure of the South China0.5°×0.5°Download ReferenceHongyi Li
5NEChina_MTZP and SH velocity model in the upper mantle of the Northeastern ChinaNADownload ReferenceJuan Li
6Qinghai-TibetCrustal and upper mantle velocity model of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau2.0°×2.0°Download ReferenceXuemei Zhang
7Southern_Central_Tibet_TomoLithospheric velocity model of the southern and central Tibet1.5°×1.5°Download ReferenceXiaofeng Liang
8North_South_Seismic_Zone_TomoMantle velocity model of the North-South Seismic Belt0.8°×0.8°Download Reference1 Reference2Fengxue Zhang
9NEChina_PnPn-velocity and Pn-anisotropy models beneath Northeastern China1.5°×1.5°Download ReferenceYan Lü
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