China Seismological Reference Model (CSRM)

Level II Data Search


The China Geophysical Reference Model Product Center appreciates the China Earthquake Networks Center for providing seismic waveform data, and the Network Information Center and Supercomputing Center of the University of Science and Technology of China for their assistance to establish data search system.

Level II data is the seismic data screened for the construction of the reference model by “China Geophysical Reference Model Construction Group” and intermediate results of processing (such as dispersion curves, etc.).  You can browse and download Level II data on this page.


Simultaneous inversion for surface wave phase velocity and earthquake centroid parameters: methodology and application (priviate at present, study published)

Three-dimensional receiver function migration beneath southeastern Tibetan plateau (priviate at present, study under review)

Uppermost mantle seismic Pn-velocity in continental China and its tectonic implications (priviate at present, study under review)

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