China Seismological Reference Model

Crustal Models


We appreciate Haijiang Zhang and Huajian Yao for the sharing of crustal velocity models beneath China listed in this page.

 Model NameDescriptionResolutionDownload LinkCommiter
1USTClitho1.0Lithospheric velocity structure of the continental China0.5°×0.5°Download1 Download2[BaiduPan] ReferenceHaijiang Zhang
2Fujian-TaiwanVsModel3-D crustal shear-wave velocity structure of  the Taiwan Strait and Fujian province, SE China0.75°×0.75°Download ReferenceHuajian Yao
3NE_NCC_Moho_grid01Crustal thickness model in the Northeastern North China Craton0.1°×0.1°Download ReferenceHuajian Yao
4MLYMB3D3-D crustal shear-wave velocity structure of the middle-lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt0.5°-1.0°Download ReferenceHuajian Yao
5Shallow3DSeismicStructureShallow 3D seismic structure of continental China0.6°-2.0°Download ReferenceLianxing Wen

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